Wings Self Drilling Screw (SJ-3002)

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As its name implies, there are wings on both sides of this type of self-drilling screw, we usually called it "wings tek screw" or "wing tip self drilling screw".

This type of screw is designed to fasten the wood and metal material, the application such as timber floors, fences, and the container floor(container screw).

The wings position can be adjusted to fit your application, they will break off when the drill tip has penetrated the steel, which allows the thread to engage into the materiel. 

The minimum length for the wings screws starts at 25mm.

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Material Carbon steel/Stainless steel
Head Type Flat head/Countersunk head(CSK)
Drive Torx, Phillips, Slotted, Pozi or as per the customer’s requirement
Size M3.0~M6.3
Variety Wings screw/tek screw
Surface Treatment Steel:Zinc (White, Blue, Yellow, Black), Ruspert
Stainless steel:Passivated 


CSK Head Self Drilling Screw

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