Flanged Welding Stud (SJ-1001)

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Our weld studs are made of carbon steel and stainless steel material, and we have the access to source the special stainless steel material from oversea.

The welding studs can be per standard ISO 13918, and the customized request is also available.

-top ignition

-internal thread

-copper/zinc plated

We also have short cycle ground studs with plastic cap and all other different ground studs.

Flanged Welding Stud, CD Weld Stud Bolt

Flanged Welding Stud, CD Weld Stud Bolt
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Welding Stud (SJ-10013) Weld Stud (SJ-10014)
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Material Carbon steel or Stainless Steel
Size M3~M12
Variety CD stud/welding stud/ISO 13918
Finish: Steel:Electroplating/Coating/Others
Stainless steel:Passivated 


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