Chipboard Screws (SJ-20011)

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Chipboard Screws are widely used in structural steel industry, wooden building project.

The shorter length can be used to fasten hinges on chipboard cabinetry; the common length are often used to join chipboard flooring to wooden joist.

SJ has a variety of different sizes, we take customized requirement from head-marks, head-painted to small box packing request.

Flat Head Self Tapping Screws SJ-20011 Flat Head Self Tapping Screws SJ-20012
Flat Head (SJ-200111) Flat Head (SJ-200112)
Flat Head (SJ-200113) Flat Head (SJ-200114)


Material Steel, Stainless steel, or as customers’ requirements
Head Type Hex Head, Pan Head, Flat Head, Truss Head, Pan framing Head or as customers’ requirements
Standard DIN 7971, 7972, 7973, 7976, 7981, 7982, 7983, ANSI , JIS , IFI , NON-STANDARD
Drive Torx, Phillips, Slotted, Pozi or as per the customer’s requirement
Size M2.9-M8(#4~#20) / 6.35mm-150mm 
Variety Sheet metal screw/self piercing screw/stitching screw/particleboard screw 
Surface Treatment Steel:electroplating and coating
Stainless steel:Passivated 


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