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Taiwan manages to keep the lifestyle and most business activities function still

Nowadays most of the countries have no choice but to terminate the business activities and execute the lockdowns within their territories considering the rapid outbreak of COVID-19. But Taiwan manages to keep the lifestyle and most business activities function still.

The pandemic crisis of coronavirus has also led to a serious impaction on international trades and business. Numerous companies are forced to shut down and the global supply chain is under strain, including the fastener industry.

It is competitive in the market, but now the low pricing strategy does not play the main role anymore. Under circumstances like this, the buyers want to find security and stability with their business partners. It shows the importance of having further considerations before committing into a partnership, instead of taking the cheapest quotes.

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News shared from BBC News-Coronavirus: A visual guide to the economic impact Lora Jones, David Brown & Daniele Palumbo(2020.04.03)

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