SJ-2006 (Wood Screw)

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Strong Johnny is a professional wood screw supplier specializing in manufacturing a true stain wood screw with high performance in drill plate, high tensile, and high torque.

The wood screw can be made of steel with different surface treatments, material stainless steel is also available.

Wood Screw (SJ-20061)  Wood Screw (SJ-20062)
Wood Screw (SJ-20063) Wood Screw (SJ-20064)
Wood Screw (SJ-20065) Wood Screw (SJ-20066)


    Material SAE1018~1022
    Head Type Flat Head, Bugle Head or as customers’ requirements
    Standard DIN 95/96/97/7995/7996/7997  ANSI, JIS, IFI f56-61series, NON-STANDARD
    Drive Torx, Phillips, Slotted, Pozi or as per the customer’s requirement
    Size M2.5~M6
    Surface Treatment Steel:Zinc (White, Blue, Yellow, Black), Ruspert
    Stainless steel:Passivated 


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