SJ-2001 (Tapping Screw)

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Strong Johnny International is a professional roofing screws manufacturer and provides a series of roofing screws including roofing screw with hex washer head, roofing screw with head painted, roofing screw with EPDM bonded washer, and drilling point.

The roofing screws with washers can be applied in any kinds of surface treatment. The roofing screws are made of stainless steel material and all sizes are available.

            1. Material: Steel or Stainless Steel.
            2. Any kinds of surface treatment.
            3. All sizes available.
            4. 60~90 days or subject to customer's special request.
            5. Packing: bulk, box, plastic bag or as per the customer's requirement.
            6. Application: Self Drilling Screw, Tapping Screw, Machine Screw, Wood
                Screw, Chipboard screw.


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